chapter  5
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Stephen Corry Ethnocide: A Report from Colombia

At first sight the Indian’s position may seem hopeless. Surprisingly it is not. The Indian in Colombia is beginning to demand his rights and is making his voice

■ ETHNOCIDE: A REPORT FROM COLOMBIA, RAINews, 6, January/February 1975, pp. 1-2

heard. At the head of the movement is the entirely Indian organisation, the CRIC (Regional Indian Council of the Cauca) who, based in the Andean hills in the southwest of the country, are very slowly winning back land to which the Indians hold ancient titles but which has been stolen from them. CRIC’s fight is entirely within the law. Its bitterest enemies are the local politician landowners. Its leaders are killed every so often in strange circumstances. The influence of CRIC is gaining ground outside its homeland of the Cauca. Indians from the other end of Colombia, from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and from other areas, are coming to the national meetings organised by the CRIC. Amongst them tribal differences count for little as they realise that their problems are similar. All are both Indians and peasants and are proud of it.