chapter  12
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Glynn Flood Development in Ethiopia

An adequate ‘knowledge of how the Afar govern themselves’ would be a necessary prerequisite of any plans for the better functioning of AVA, suggests Dr Robertson. Such knowledge has been available for over one year now, in the form of a reasonably well-researched study of the political structure of Awsa and of its role in the Awash Valley. This report was suppressed shortly after its completion and has recently surfaced in an abridged form. It is said (for few have actually laid hands on the original) that in its uncensored form this report hinted that development in the Valley might proceed more smoothly if AVA left it to the Awsa Afar. Attitudes towards the Afar enterprise in self-development have changed considerably in the last few months, and AVA’s change manifests itself in a tacit acceptance of the value and accuracy of this document. Attempts are now being

■ DEVELOPMENT IN ETHIOPIA, RAINews, 9, July/August 1975, pp. 18-19

made to pull as many Afar as possible into AVA, to use their recognised abilities to develop the Valley.