chapter  25
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Liliane Kuczynski Return of Love: Everyday Life and African Divination in Paris

We must underline here how Marie’s commitment is constructed and argued. Justifying, for example, her successive recourse to several marabouts, she considers that, if the action of one of them has not satisfied her, it is because, in his case, he had either too particular a point of view, or inadequate skill, or lack of enthusiasm. But the recourse to another form of knowledge is never questioned. It would be false, though, to state that, either in a moment of lucidity or in one of weariness, she never voices a doubt, a wish for proof (‘Is it working?’), questions to which by way of reply she can only get stories, that is to say interpretations through the prism of a culture and an individuality. Such, indeed, is her mental functioning that, it would seem, the reply is unimportant.