chapter  26
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Anne-Marie Brisebarre The Sacrifice of 'Id Al-Kabir: Islam in the French Suburbs

The day after the festival, people sometimes laugh about episodes arising from the ‘Id, as if to forget the moments of anguish they have just lived through. One example was a Tunisian-born family who, in June 1991, tried to carry to their suburban flat, hidden in a large pan covered by a rug, the sheep that they had been to buy from a farm on the outskirts of Paris. At each attempt, the bearers found on the staircase an inquisitive neighbour accompanied by his dog, a German sheepdog whose special interest in the situation one can well imagine. This only intensified his master’s suspicions. After several efforts, the family changed strategy and asked a cousin who lived in a suburban villa to give them and their sheep hospitality, out of range of the view of neighbours and the scent of dogs.