chapter  41
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Anatoly M. Khazanov Anthropologists in the Midst of Ethnic Conflicts

However, the very nature of ethnic tension and strife not infrequently makes it impossible to form categorical judgments about who is right and who is wrong. Often, in such conflicts there are no good guys at all. In one respect or another all guys are bad; it just happens that some bad guys are stronger than others and use their strength to relegate their adversaries to the position of underdogs. Of course, ethnocide, ethnic cleansings, pogroms and other similar actions are crimes and should be condemned as such irrespective of the reasons for the conflict. Their instigators and perpetrators should be prosecuted, and it is unfortunate and shameful that in most of the case they remain unpunished. The very fact that they so often manage to come out unscathed often only encourages others to follow their step.