chapter  L
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, . V. Theories of Over-Production. 1927. EJ 37, pp. 19-32.

in our highly complicated dynamic society Pt. I

BOUNIATIAN, M. Les crises t?conomiques. 1922. pp. xvii + 388. Translated, from the 1915 Russian edition, by J. Bernard. Pt. I : Description of the various forms of economic crisis. Pt. I1 : Causation. Pt. I11 : Overcapitalisation-causes and consequences. The author's Studien zur Theorie und Geschichte der Wirtschaftskrisen, I : Wirtschaftskrisen und Ueberkapitalisation, 1908, pp. vii + 188, presents an earlier version of the theory. For a reply to AFTALION'S review of the French work in REP 1922, see Ma tht!orie des crises et les critiques de M . Aftalion, 1924, REP 88, pp. 656-73. See also the author on La loi de variation de la valeur el les mouvemen& gt!nt?raux des prio, 1927, pp. 155.