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in values have the greatest relevance. A separate in each chapter deals exclusively with the value problem the impact of values on business and economic development. and economic development are, somewhat and each phase is ana­ and described according to the same pattern. This approach in spite of the danger of oversimplification, because it the possibility of looking at the entire process in dynamic the authors do not subscribe to any deterministic its problems as well as advantages. the whole the authors are convinced that the result of joint has justified the added complications. The book started ago at the suggestion, made to Hirschmeier, to enlarge 1970’ (Business

section Japanese business schematically, divided into four phases, lysed 1970) into a book, as a textbook for undergraduates. Joint authorship suggested itself, for one thing, because Hirschmeier had to assume heavy administrative duties, for another, because joint work would certainly provide more balance and richer information. Both authors contributed about
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