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a local bank manager. Graduates of Tokyo university course the Iwakura Mission of 1871-73. Most of the prominent

were so imbued with their importance to the nation that most refused any position in private enterprise - no matter how well paid. This extremely high regard for school records had a lasting influence on the course of Japanese modernisation, and in itself shows how strong and successful the ideology of progress was.

A certain Yuri Kosei, who had made himself a name through managing finances in his han, was made chief of finance. Since the bakufu had not left any money, all Yuri Kosei could do was print money and pay what was necessary. He issued paper money, the so-called dajōkan-bills, to the tune of 48 million ryō, and borrowed a few million from some wealthy merchant houses, among them Mitsui. He also made Mitsui official financial agent of the government.