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is also the Japanese value system which, of course, was as a model to be imitated. It

eroding the values and patterns sketched above. We tried to indicate this erosion process, notably in the field of labour man­ agement. The very success of development tends to wash out the original cultural elements; social relations, and other aspects of modern society tend to become the same all over the world, in

Amae Dependence relationship like that of a spoilt child to a doting parent.

Bakufu Military government; the first bakufu was established by Minamoto Yoritomo in 1180, in Kamakura, hence the name Kamakura bakufu; it lasted until 1333. After this came the bakufu established by AshikagaTakauji in 1336, this is also called the Muromachi bakufu, it lasted until 1573. Ieyasu established the Tokugawa bakufu in 1603.