chapter  10
The Kyaikmaraw inscriptions H.L. Shorto
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The story of Sudhana is one of the most popular of the avadnas of Northern Hnayna Buddhism. There are two main versions of this story, one adopted by the Mahsghika School and the other by the Mla-Sarvstivda school. The Mla-Sarvstivda redaction is found in a Vinaya text of that school called the Bhaiajya-vastu. In this article a comparison will be made of these different versions of this story in order to establish their mutual relationship and also to trace the main sources of the Borobudur reliefs as well as of the popular vernacular versions prevalent in Burma and Siam. The recognition of Manohar by the prince with the help of Sakka, supplies, we believe, a clue to the main sources of the Pali Scholars like Oldenburg, Foucher, and Krom who studied the Borobudur reliefs depicting the story of Sudhana have considered that it was based on Da.