chapter  20
Mahorasop in a Thai Manorii manuscript E.H.S. Simmonds
Pages 13

The Cham language is spoken by a dwindling population in Southern Annam and a larger group in French Cochin-China, Camboja, and Siam. Sanskrit and Arabic loan-words are therefore fairly numerous in the dictionary, though few will be found in this vocabulary. Apart from such obviously foreign elements, the Cham language is a curious blend of Indonesian and Mon-Khmer; and scholars still differ as to which of these two is the fundamental and original factor. The Cham alphabet is of Indian origin, with a few additions, and the Cham words are given here in the romanized spelling of the above-mentioned dictionary, in the introduction of which the pronunciation is explained. The Chinese words have been romanized with their Pekinese sounds in the spelling of Giless dictionary, as was done in the case of the above-mentioned Chinese Vocabulary of Malacca Malay Words and Phrases.