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However, if you are proposing abstinence and mortification of .the flesh, would it not be more consistent to renounce all sensual pleasures, female or otherwise? At least play fair and let us argue on the same terms. By intoning he Qur'in at me and quoting statements from the Prophet that you have scraped together, you have closed down the discussion and we end up like a Basran and a Kufan arguing about which town has the greater numbers of nobility. [ ..... ]8 If you talk about sensual delights and the enjoyment of worldly pleasures and quote from your favourite wits then start advancing the sanctimonious piety of ascetics and scribes, our discussion has come to an end. (Well, I did say at the outset that if a humorous discussion turns serious, it quickly loses entertainment valuel)

"'Amr, what pleasure do you get from this?" ''Tell the lads to leave," he asked then told him, "Degradation." Similarly, the poet said,

Abu Nuwas wrote,

I took the risk and spied on you when I could bear no more, Someone like you deserves to be exposed for what you are.