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I would ransom you with my own lifel1 Can it be because I would rather farm palm trees than wheat that you have frozen me out me and because I prefer giving charity to paying the land tax that you

are punishing me? Is it really because I resent paying the property tax and believe that the non-Muslim poll-tax is sufficient that you have declared me persona non grata? I simply do not understand why you now loathe my presence and prefer not to have me around or why you find my company tiresome and think my life has gone on long enough. Why do you rejoice at my bad luck and troubles and lament my successes and good fortune? As my happiness distresses you, so my misery appears to delight you. You wait for one wrong word from me to use as a pretext to drive me away. If I do you a good turn, it fills you with dread, since you will then be obliged to invite me.