chapter  6
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The maintenance Chapter 6 Bearings

Thrust bearings which prevent axial motion of a shaft as in Figs. 6-1band 6-2b. Linear bearings which guide or support relative motion between components in a straight line as in Figs. 6-1c and 6-2c.

The function a bearing performs is largely determined by the type of load that it has to carry. The type of load also determines the particular type of bearing selected. Loads can be one of three kinds:

Radial Axial Combination

A bearing is a device which supports a rotating shaft or spindle or guides one component which slides over another. In addition to its supporting function, a bearing is designed to allow relative movement between two separate components to occur with the least possible frictional resistance. Almost all industrial mechanisms contain elements which require relative movement between contacting surfaces and therefore include some sort of bearing.