chapter  11
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A Storied Landscape as a Context for Teacher Knowledge1

WithD. Jean Clandinin, F. Michael Connelly

In this paper we continue our research into the question of how the embodied, narrative, relational, knowledge teachers carry autobiographically and by virtue of their formal education shapes, and is shaped by, their professional knowledge context (Clandinin, 1986; Connelly and Clandinin, 1988; Clandinin and Connelly, 1995a). This question has been in the background of our work for many years. Beginning with our early studies where we concentrated on teachers’ personal practical knowledge, we understood the intellectual risk of the work which might, for some, encourage too partial a view of teachers’ knowledge. We were constantly reminded that teachers do not work in isolation, nor do they work in environments solely of their own choosing. Our work in the last few years has focused on these professional knowledge contexts for teachers’ personal practical knowledge.