chapter  2
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Learning From Text

WithWalter Kintsch

The portion of theory that is relevant concerns the distinction between a textbase and a situation model. The textbases is the mental representation of the text that a reader or listener constructs in the process of comprehension. The situation models may be forms — especially when the situation is familiar or particularly well structured — without bothering about a coherent, well–organized textbase. In solving a word problem, the information conveyed by the text must be transforms into a problem model suitable for doing arithmetic. The word arithmetic problems were recalls after the solution, the problem model dominated the textbase. The males demonstrates a strong bias in favor of mental maps, and they tried to form mental maps, even the text invited a different format of representation. There is a complex interplay between the ability of subjects to remember a text as such and ability to use the information conveyed by the text as a basis for action or further computation.