chapter  3
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Expository Text for Young Readers: The Issue of Coherence

WithIsabel L. Beck, Margaret G. McKeown

A digression could also be folds into the text, if the reader is alerts that an aside is going to occur and if its relationship to the main topic is establishes. If young readers are to develop the ability to handle expository, texts, they need opportunities to interact with good models, with expository texts that are coherently organized.Coherence refers to the extent to which the sequencing or ordering of ideas in a text makes sense and the extent to which the language used in discusses those ideas makes the nature of the ideas and their relationships apparent. The problem revealed by analysis of the relationship among parts of an exposition is the failure of the structure to make explicit a general concept that is embodies by the content. In selection, the provision and orderly use of a global organization, the explicit statement of general concepts, and logically drawn relationships among the various concepts produce a coherent presentation.