chapter  9
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What Kind Of Knowledge Transfers?

WithJill H. Larkin

This chapter reviews some history of psychological work on transfer and then discusses current work that suggests the kind of knowledge that may transfer most often. The transfer of strategic knowledge across a moderately broad range of related domains, there is an additional important factor: experts' technical problem representations. The proposed a theory of "identical elements" for transfer, saying that learning time in a second domain will decrease. It is common elements that account for transfer, perhaps a set of the elements might be views as general problem–solving skills, independent of any particular subject domain. The lack of clear success in identifying and exploiting a common core of problem–solving techniques is evident in several areas. The knowledge of how to set useful sub–goals, like the strategies used by FERMI, may be much the same in related domains. The computer problem solver FERMI is a prototype system intended to elucidate the mechanisms of general strategies across domains in the physical sciences.