chapter  7
El Hombre que Respira Debajo del Agua: Trans-Boricua Memories, Identities, and Nationalisms Performed through the Death of Héctor Lavoe
Pages 26

America.1 Thousands of Lavoe’s admirers in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Perù, Panama, New York City, Chicago, and other urban and national hubs conducted vigils in his name. Throughout New York City, the songs and sounds of Héctor Lavoe’s music emanated from people’s homes, car stereos, and boom boxes, blurring the boundaries between public and private cultures.2 The popular “ La Mega” FM radio station in New York City played Lavoe’s music all week long, motivating his followers and admirers to sing and dance, almost in unisonlike fashion, in the streets of “ la Gran Manzana” (the Big Apple).