chapter  8
Memoirs of a Life in Salsa Catalino "Tite" Curet Alonso
ByCatalino “Tite” Curet Alonso
Pages 14

In his triumphant career he always was an interpreter who, although he knew how to compose and had some solid original hits, never turned his back on me. He kept asking me for work continuously. A thousand thanks! There was a moment, however, that was a top hit for both. It concerned “ Galera tres” [Ward three]. It came at a moment when there were many uprisings in the jails and prisons. A female colleague in jour­ nalism studies told me that the song was a best-seller in Peru and other countries. At that time, another university colleague of mine from back in the 1940s, a tremendous mulatta woman and lawyer named Irba Cruz de Batista, was director of the Department of Correctional Services. She was receiving strong and harsh criticisms. After all, the sit­ uation in the penal system hasn’t changed much, despite the sermons of the distinguished lady and professional Dona Trina Padilla.