The All-Women's Consciousness Raising Group as a Component of Treatment for Mental Illness
WithMarcelle Adolph
Pages 16

This chapter describes the application of principles from feminist therapy and consciousness raising groups to an adult partial hospitalization program for women patients with a range of psychiatric diagnoses. It examines the rationale and goals for the group, its history, its structure, and the major techniques employed. The incidence of particular forms of mental illness is different for women than it is for men. This is because the symptoms and underlying processes for both men and women are related to gender roles, gender socialization, and life circumstances of each gender. Consciousness Raising (CR) groups help women understand and deal with personal problems as these are related to their sex role, conditioning and experiences with sex bias and discrimination. The CR group, like all psychotherapies, provides supportive and confidential experiences. The major difference is in the patient therapist relationship. CR groups are based on equal sharing of resources, power, and responsibility.