Managing Conflict in All-Women Groups
WithBeverly Hartung Hagen
Pages 10

This chapter explores the some of the issues having to do with all-women groups and conflict. The issues are: early socialization of women regarding conflict, reasons why conflict is an especially difficult subject for most women, information to share with women about conflict and suggestions for attitudinal and educational exercises, and strategies for arbitration if conflict becomes problematic. Due to the influence of the women’s movement with its early emphasis on consciousness-raising groups, all-women groups have become increasingly utilized for a broad spectrum of purposes including counselling, drug dependence treatment, assertiveness training, and mutual support. As more experience is gained and research conducted in all-women groups, however, it is becoming apparent that all-women groups differ in many ways from groups with male members. A search of the literature having to do with conflict and confrontation reveal that there is very little information about how women work through conflicts with one another.