Jon L. Wakelyn
By(August6, 1811-May 6, 1884)
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Early life of Salmon Portland Chase suggested a career of anti-slavery leadership and later prominence among Republicans championing the cause of racial equality. Play a central role in the Civil War cabinet of Abraham Lincoln, to be climaxed by continued importance during Reconstruction as chief justice of the Supreme Court. A protg of Attorney General William Wirt, Chase found his already conservative views reinforced by his mentor, who became his model as both lawyer and politician. That victory was the election of Salmon P. Chase as the states first Republican governor. Chases official duties as Secretary of the Treasury were not limited to financing the war. Complicating the situation was the rivalry for Lincolns attention between Chase and Secretary of State William H. Seward, whom Chase desired to see removed from his cabinet position. Jay Cooke was deeply pained, and Horace Greeleys New York Tribune regretted the loss of one of the few great men left.