John T. Hubbell
By(April 27, 1822-July 25, 1885)
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Johnson was born On December 29, 1808 in the town of Raleigh, North Carolina, the states capital and center of commerce. Presidency of Andrew Johnson has dominated the study of his life. During the Civil War he served as a US senator from Tennessee, the early Reconstruction occupation governor of Tennessee, and the vice president of the United States. His actions in political life and in Abraham Lincolns administration were most crucial to the Union war effort, but historians have usually given those years short shrift. Howard K. Beale also saw Johnson as a victim because he had opposed the Republican policies that had built the hated modern industrial state. President Lincoln had taken notice of his staunch activities in behalf of restoration of the Union and on March 4, 1862, after the central part of the state had been reclaimed for the Union sent Johnson o Nashville as military governor of Tennessee.