Jon L. Wakelyn
By(September 27, 1809-August 31, 1877)
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Edwin Stanton was born into a family of Quakers and Virginia slave-owners, a pedigree that seemingly did not bode well for a leader who would oppose a slave society. Edwin was born on December 19, 1814, sickly and weakened by asthma, which would make him a lifelong partial invalid and give him an irritable disposition. Edwin attended local private schools and for a time went to the Latin School of George Buchanan, where he prepared for college and a career. The ambitious young lawyer also wrote for the local paper, joined the Anti-Slavery Society, and became involved in politics. By 1842 he was a reporter for the Ohio Supreme Court, in which capacity he became an ally of Salmon P. Chase. In 1860, no friend of Stephen A. Douglas, Stanton supported the Kentuckian John C. Breckinridge for president. Most recently, Joseph T. Glatthaar, in Partners in Command also praises Stanton as an excellent administrator.