chapter  8
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Promoting the effective practice of partnership

BySheila Trier

This chapter is written in acknowledgement of the work undertaken by all those involved in Parent Partnership Projects since April 1994. Many of the experiences and the issues that arose through this project’s development may prove similar to the experiences of colleagues across the country. Achievements in Devon have been aided from the inception of the project by the full support, encouragement and commitment to the principles of partnership with parents from senior officers within the LEA. Without this level of support the work undertaken could not have been attained. The working style of the project has been strongly influenced by the belief that the quality of the partnership, which the project could build both with and for parents of children with special educational needs, would be most effective if close links were enjoyed with both voluntary and statutory agencies. As a result the contacts made during the life of the project have been many and varied. The contribution made by all who have actively supported the principles of open communication and ease of access to information for parents has been, and continues to be, highly valued but by far the most important contributions have been made by Devon parents.