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Born in Simbirsk province, 16 March 1803. Attended cadet school in St Petersburg, did not complete schooling; European University of Dorpat (Tartu), 1822-29; metDel'vig, Pushkin, and Zhukovskii; wrote poetry that was well-received; did not graduate. Moved to Moscow, worked as official in Surveyor's Office, 1829. Began to associate with Slavophile circles and figures such as Khomiakov, Aksakov, Pogodin, and Shevyrev. First collection published, 1833. Ill health forced a return to Simbirsk estate, 1833-38. Visited various spas in Europe in search of cure, 1838-43. Met Gogol' in Italy. Died in Moscow, 7 January 1847.