chapter  2
Modeling: a basis for linking policy to adaptive water management
ByHoshin V. Gupta, David S. Brookshire, Vincent C. Tidwell, Douglas P. Boyle
Pages 16

New Mexico is facing a myriad of water resource management issues, on both the demand and supply sides, which are signi fic antly complicated by un cer tainties in the arenas of both science and pol icy. In regards to pol icy, various issues including the lack of complete basin adjudication, popu la tion growth and its associated impacts, acequia prop erty rights, eco sys tems preser va tion, and Native Amer ican water rights remain un cer tain (see discussions in sub sequent chapters). Also, the hydrological pro cesses in this region are highly complex, being strongly influenced by various aspects of the envir on ment including geology, topography and vegetation (Chapter 3). On top of this, both the pol icy options and the geophys ical setting are strongly sensitive to climate variabil ity (Chapter 4), par ticu larly in the semi-arid Southwest.