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“Teaching Trayvon” at Irvine: On Feminist Praxis, Afro-pessimism, and “Woke Work”

WithM. Shadee Malaklou

This chapter examines how one might teach "non-Black" students of color, specifically Asian or Asian-American students with relative social and political or "passing White" privilege, at a large research institution about non analogous experiences of racial Blackness as coursework in gender and sexuality studies. Antiracist pedagogy, even in such heady times as these, in which "recent discussions on intersectionality in political science have sparked increased attention in research to race, gender, and other identity categories," presents consistent challenges, specifically regarding comparative racisms. Trayvon Martin Non-Black students of color Afro-pessimism Wake work Gender and sexuality studies Race and gender in the classroom Antiracist pedagogy Anti-Black violence Asian-American and Asian students White students Race politics California. The chapter proposes "Teaching Trayvon" as a feminist project because the movements for Black life it animated are "rooted in the labor and love of queer Black women".