chapter  6
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Antitrust: “Free Competition” at Gunpoint

ByHarry Binswanger

The true meaning of antitrust law has long been hidden behind a smokescreen of obfuscations. Penetrating the smokescreen reveals antitrust law as the destroyer, not the protector, of free competition-and as a perversion of justice. A business expands the possibilities open to those with whom it deals by presenting them with the opportunity to buy from it or sell to it. The gun of antitrust law is aimed at the best competitors and at the buyers who want their products. The equivocation between economic and political power is aimed at capitalism as such; it attacks capitalism from both sides: it blackens the voluntary and whitewashes the coercive. Economic competition means free-market competition. Yet antitrust law seeks to dictate outcomes by governmental force. That is the abrogation of free competition, not its protection. Antitrust law is a gun given to failure to aim at success.