chapter  7
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Antitrust is Immoral

ByGary Hull

America's most productive businessmen do not need to imagine such nightmares because that is their reality under the antitrust laws. Antitrust makes it a crime for a businessman to engage in "monopolistic" or "anticompetitive" economic activity that "restrains trade". One step in the argument for why antitrust is immoral is that, it punishes a businessman because he achieves practical success. But the more fundamental reason why the laws are unethical is that they criminalize a businessman because he is moral-because he is rational and productive. When a culture fails to recognize the virtues of a great man, that is tragic. When a culture punishes a man because of his virtues, that is wicked. Yet that is what the antitrust laws do to America's greatest producers. To be convinced fully that antitrust is immoral and that it should be abolished, one must reject its underlying morality of altruism by accepting its opposite: rational egoism.