chapter  1
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1 The Social and Economic Basis of Socialist Self-Management in Yugoslavia

ByKiro Gligorov

The roots of self-management in Yugoslavia can be found in the nature of the country's revolution, in the strong support it has had among the working masses — workers and peasants alike — in the social changes successfully brought about, and in the experience gained during the first years of socialist development. The self-managed socialist economy in Yugoslavia pursues a policy of respect for the division of labor and strives for the widest possible cooperation with other economies. One of the major questions that arise in the self-managed organization of society concerns the size and nature of its basic self-managed cell — the basic organization of associated labor. The self-managed socialist society is by no means an idyllic society. Without solidarity, economic and social differences would increase and cause considerable damage to the socialist character of society. By allowing natural and direct expression of interests and opinions, the society appears as one with many contradictions and problems.