chapter  10
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10 Some Aspects of Technological Innovation Policy

ByMilosav Drulović

Difficulties originating from a low level of initial accumulation and the extensive use of foreign loans to import equipment contributed to a major lag in the development of Yugoslavia's own technology. Consequently, equipment imports grew significantly, the main portion of which can be attributed to the metal working industry. A marked acceleration of the development of science and the system of higher education took place after 1960, when organizational efforts and financing were directed toward putting research and scientific activities to work on developing domestic know-how and technology. The technological development policy resulted in a major increase in the number of scientists employed by nonuniversity scientific institutions, which were set up throughout the country. Through the implementation of this policy, significant results were achieved in the education and specialization of highly skilled personnel. This will be a great asset in future efforts to make science a contributing factor to further technological development in Yugoslavia.