chapter  2
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2 Planning Economic Development in Yugoslavia

ByRodmilo Stojanović

Self-management planning requires a very clear differentiation between the planning of development policy and the technology of planning. The control of general economic flows is conducted through periodic analyses of the realization of selected development priorities as through analyses of the important aggregate values. The coordination of development goals on the basis of mutual negotiation can take place only if based on a correctly drawn draft of a project for attaining certain goal. The quality of realization of the economic plan is best expressed by way of these goals. Since the major part of every project consists of a cost-effectiveness analysis, costs and benefits must be treated as social costs and social benefits, and their calculation and expression must be unified. The unification of cost and benefit measurement is especially important for Yugoslavia because it is very diverse with regard to levels of development; moreover, it is a multinational country in which sensitivity regarding project methodology is very great.