chapter  [8]
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A Knowledge Elicitation Approach to the Measurement of Team Situation Awareness

ByNancy J Cooke, Renée J Stout, Eduardo Salas

This chapter describes the measurement of team Situation Awareness (SA) through the application of methods traditionally used for knowledge elicitation. It also describes current methods that have been used to measure individual SA, with the goal of leveraging these measures for team SA or developing new methods directed at the measurement of team SA. According to the framework, situation assessment of environmental cues occurs at the individual level but is instrumental in the formation of the situation model that is relevant at both individual and team levels. In accord with the framework, individual situation models of team members are precursors to team mental models and so are targeted as well. A wide variety of knowledge elicitation methods have been applied to the elicitation of knowledge at the individual level. One general advantage of the elicitation approach advocated here is that the metrics are grounded in rich qualitative data, which have the potential to serve a diagnostic function.