chapter  [10]
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Does Situation Awareness Add to the Validity of Cognitive Tests?

ByFrancis T Durso, M. Kathryn Bleckley, Andrew R Dattel

Traditionally, cognitive predictor variables have been based on tests, usually paper-and-pencil ones, that have been honed to measure a particular underlying variable such as intelligence, spatial ability and inductive ability. In keeping with the cognitive nature of most industrial tasks, much of the effort has focused on cognitive variables. Situation Awareness (SA) is thought to be an important predictor of performance. SA is often thought to be based on underlying cognitive mechanisms. A look at the zero-order correlations between the SA measures and the cognitive predictors showed that although both SA measures occasionally correlated with the cognitive predictors, this was especially true for the off-line measures. The initial phase of the hierarchical analysis required determination of the base model – that is, a model based on prediction without any of the SA variables.