chapter  [19]
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Situation Awareness During Driving: Explicit and Implicit Knowledge in Dynamic Spatial Memory

ByLeo J Gugerty

The direct and indirect measures were positively correlated, suggesting that drivers knowledge of nearby cars is largely explicit with little contribution of implicit knowledge. Measuring situation awareness (SA) during driving can have useful applications because research has shown that poor SA is an important cause of driving accidents. A large body of research has been conducted that is claimed to support a distinction between explicit and implicit memory systems or processes. The driving task was performed on a PC-based driving simulator. The simulator showed 3-dimen-sional animated driving scenes on a computer screen. The major difficulty in developing performance measures of SA is creating measures that reflect people's perceptual and comprehension processes more than they reflect decision and response–execution process, even though all of these processes must contribute to any measure of real-time performance. Global performance measures were assumed to tap both situation awareness ability and decision and response-execution processes.