chapter  [4]
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Situation Awareness in Team Performance: Implications for Measurement and Training

ByEduardo Salas, Carolyn Prince, David P Baker, Lisa Shrestha

This chapter examines processes and behaviors that have been associated with team Situation awareness (SA). It summarizes some elements that are common to several of the proposed explanations of individual SA in order to provide a base for examining team SA. The chapter identifies critical variables that are associated with team SA and describes processes and behaviors that have been proposed as contributors to its establishment and maintenance. It reviews the basis of the information and identifies issues related to the measurement and training of team SA. These issues and the questions they raise should help to guide future research. The chapter provides a framework for conceptualizing team SA. Nadine B. Sarter and David D. Woods emphasized the importance of the temporal aspect of SA and the requirement that it be continuously updated or modified through the process of integration of multiple situation assessments.