chapter  [5]
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Comprehension and Situation Awareness

ByFrancis T Durso, Katherine A Rawson, Sara Girotto

The central role of comprehension in human cognition has been recognized by both basic and applied researchers. This chapter attempts to draw an analogy with the comprehension literature that has evolved to explain how readers understand text. It explores the appropriateness of an analogy with reading comprehension for furthering understanding of Situation Awareness (SA), and reviews the literature that has accumulated since the Durso and Gronlund review of SA. The chapter uses key assumptions from theories of text comprehension to motivate the development of a model of situation comprehension. It proposes a model of the comprehension of dynamic environments using these theoretical assumptions of text comprehension models as a foundation. Self-report measures include those in which individuals are asked to report their subjective beliefs about their comprehension or report on their thinking during comprehension. SA accuracy measures include query methods and implicit performance measures.