chapter  4
Pig Sacrifices, Mobility and the Ritual Recreation of Community Among the Amis of Taiwan
ByShu-Ling Yeh
Pages 16

This chapter describes miingay rituals to illustrate how the local people have maintained their enlarged family to respond to the changes caused by the state system and global capitalism. Then, it discusses the association between money, pig sacrifices and social reproduction in order to examine the current configuration of the Amis community. As the miingay ceremony illustrates, the Amis have long been incorporated into the mainstream Taiwanese economy and such relationships have been largely mediated by money. The division of labour used to prepare contemporary miingay feasts remains an exemplary case of how the whole village functions as an efficient working team according to traditional social principles. In sharing the sacrificial meat, the local people claim that they strengthen relationships in the living community and maintain their relationships with the kawas spirits. Finally, the chapter stresses the importance of the paternal–fraternal organisation and ritual practices in terms of agency, sociality and reproducibility to the construction of locality and translocality.