chapter  3
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A longitudinal reflection of blended/reflexive enterprise and entrepreneurial education

ByJonathan Deacon, Jacqueline Harris

This chapter investigates the experiences, aspirations and outcomes of participants on the MA Business and Enterprise Development (MA BED) programme at the Newport Business School as interpreted through their own reflective practice. Evolutionary economists and social scientists argues that to stimulate an entrepreneurial economy a cultural shift needs to take place and not simply a change of political policy. The development of pedagogy within enterprise and entrepreneurial education is well documented within extant literature. An implication of the study suggests that the 'blended/reflective' approach used within the BED programme may have resulted in synergistic benefits to the participants and the 'tutor' team. The propensity and ability to recognise opportunities appears to be closely linked to the individual's confidence. Individuals discussed their awareness, and the importance of, developing a sustainable brand and business model. Taatila observes that the university system promotes and reinforces the negative aspects of entrepreneurship and thus the perceived 'dangers' of the 'self-managed career'.