chapter  4
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Planning for uncertainty: soft skills, hard skills and innovation

ByElizabeth Chell, Rosemary Athayde

This chapter explores how education for innovation of our young people may help develop an innovative mindset. It develops the theoretical justification of a skills set which, it is argued, is fundamental for the development of an innovative mindset of young people, and consequently their personal development. Usage of the terminology 'soft' and 'hard' skills is quite misleading. The social and economic context in which all this activity is taking place is fundamentally uncertain and decisions are taken in which there is an element of risk. The vocational orientation, projects and activities pursued outside the curriculum and extracurricular activities not only engage students but help develop a 'can-do' attitude. Embedded case studies were analysed based on the contextual themes that were identified. Some people would refer to the five characteristics underpinning initial innovative behaviour that the authors have identified as 'soft' skills.