chapter  8
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Wikis: building a learning experience between academe and businesses

ByKeith Halcro, Anne M.J. Smith

This chapter represents the second article in a series evaluating wikis as an educational tool, having previously researched students' perspectives of wikis as a learning tool. The aim of this second instalment was to evaluate the experience of not only MBA students but also entrepreneurs and academics of wikis as a learning tool. It is argued that entrepreneurship education is dynamic and complex; an issue Pittaway and Cope sought to clarify through a systematic literature review, by theming ideas and identifying research gaps. The research drew on Smith, Halcro and Chalmers's experience to inform the participants' actions and reinforces the notion that this research reflects part of a continuum. Collectively, all stakeholders positively reiterated the previous literature's comments highlighting the two themes: ease of use and pedagogical value as a learning tool. The experiences and output strengthens the potential of wikis as a collaborative learning tool to source and develop information, irrespective of time and place.