chapter  14
Giasone: A Source Overview *
ByThomas Lin, Joseph Salem
Pages 30

The first performances of Giasone in Venice in 1649 initiated a phenomenon that swept across Italy both on the stage and in the printing industry. Performances over the course of the following four decades ranged from as far south as Palermo in 1655 to the last known seventeenth-century revival in Brescia in 1690. This chapter presents an overview of Giasone's sources, tracing the opera's fortunes from its earliest mid-century Venetian performances through to its well-known Roman revival in 1671, Il novello Giasone, and ending with its late- Seicento performances in Genoa and Brescia. In the hands of the Febiarmonici during the early years, and then of other traveling opera companies, the librettos accumulated specific content- and text-based variants rather quickly, if in some cases haphazardly, and often based on a particular city or region. The Satellite group, as well its Sub-group, is composed of a number of librettos that were not easily categorized among the other groups.