chapter  4
Interference and Facilitation Among Personal Goals: Age Differences and Associations With Weil-Being and Behavior
ByMichaela Riediger
Pages 26

Some years ago, I went to a New Year’s party with my friend Barbara. It was midnight. Glasses were clinking, people were hugging, but Barbara was not there. Minutes later I found her, alone in some corner, writing. She told me that she had written down her New Year’s resolutions. “Just to make sure that I don’t forget. You know, I realized that there are quite a few things that I want to do next year,” she said, and showed me her pocket diary She had scribbled a long list of goals all over the front cover: Lose 10 pounds! Write a really good dissertation! Be-come fluent in Spanish! Travel to South America! Exercise three times a week! More time with friends! Call home once a week! Enjoy life! “Well,” she sighed, “I will have to give it more thought. Some of this goes really well together. But then again, I wonder if I will have enough time for everything.” She looked at her watch. “Oh no! It’s past midnight already,” she exclaimed startled, “Let’s get back to the party! Happy New Year!”