chapter  5
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‘Plays Guitar Without Any Hands’: Musical Movement and Problems of Immanence

WithWilliam Echard

This chapter explores the phenomenon of musical movement understood as a perceptual or interpretive event whereby music itself is perceived as something which moves, the fact that motion is a quality often attributed to musical sounds themselves. It focuses on particular aspect of the theories of conceptual metaphor and conceptual blending which can help illuminate the motional properties of ‘Funky Worm’, and can advance the discussion of semiotic objects and immanent meaning. The blended entity ‘guitar-playing worm’ combines the more basic entities ‘guitar player’ and ‘worm’. Immanence becomes an issue in theories of movement because movement is linked so closely to experiences and dispositions which must be enacted in real bodies to be fully manifest. To argue that a property is immanent to a particular domain suggests that other domains may be excluded from consideration.