chapter  22
Think Tanks, Foundations, and Institutes
ByPhilip Kovacs
Pages 10

This chapter discusses the neoliberal/neoconservative think tanks, foundations, and institutes are best understood as advocacy organizations working together to reshape political landscapes to suit their ideological needs. A significant portion of foundation money goes to the creation and dissemination of research supporting far-right ideology, and conservative funders give generously to think tanks, advocacy groups, and universities for their work. Foundation-sponsored research is analogous to having a lawyer on retention. Think tanks are more active, and arguably more influential, at the federal level, providing scholars for testimony before the House, Senate, and Supreme Court. In addition to being well connected to political players, think tanks, foundations, and institutes are aggressive marketers, making sure their work finds its way into the mainstream media as well as a number of magazines and journals. The result of the right's focused attention is a "message amplification infrastructure has a broad reach, repeating coordinated strategic messages through multiple communication channels".