chapter  49
Quantitative Form and Arguments
ByMarilyn Frankenstein
Pages 17

This chapter argues that knowing the most meaningful quantitative form in which to express information is necessary in order to understand what is going on. One consideration in understanding, evaluating, and constructing arguments whose claims are supported by quantitative evidence is the form in which this evidence is presented. In addition to quantitative form, there are other kinds of considerations about quantities that are important in understanding, evaluating, and making powerful arguments that challenge the global imperialism that has trickled down into every corner of our world. It is important to understand which aspect of quantitative evidence is mathematical fact and which is political, and therefore subject to debate. The government determines which categories of workers count as part of the labor force and which categories of workers count as unemployed, rewriting that information in percent form is a mathematical algorithm for which there is only one answer and about which it does not make sense to argue.