chapter  7
ByBritt Laurence W.
Pages 11

This chapter shows that contemporary elements within the government are pushing the nation dangerously toward fascism. It provides an article in Free Inquiry magazine that outlined the 14 basic identifying characteristics of seven fascist or neofascist regimes of the 20th century in April 2003. As the chapter focuses on what has been so far the rocky road of the 21st century, the political culture in the United States is leaving a disturbing impression on the world. The fascist regimes viewed human rights of marginal value. The people were brought to accept human rights abuses by marginalizing or demonizing those targeted. Fascist leaders always closely identified themselves with the military. Fascist regimes were sexist, not only from the male dominance perspective, but also for being homophobic in the extreme and adamantly antiabortion. Even when the media were not under the direct control of a fascist government, media orthodoxy was maintained by various methods.