chapter  14
Establishment of a De Jure Peace on the Korean Peninsula: Inter-Korean Peace Treaty-Making under International Law*
ByEric Yong-Joong Lee
Pages 26

This chapter explores the possibility of establishing a peace system on the Korean peninsula and its conditions from an international legal perspective. It reviews the origin and evolution of the Korean conflict and the quest for peace under the armistice system. The chapter explains the matter of peace treaty-making from an historical perspective. It devotes to the critical legal problems involved in the making of an inter-Korean peace treaty. The chapter also examines the legal methods and procedures of the making of a peace treaty. East Asian thinking on peace and peace treaties is considered to have started more than two thousand years ago, with the first meaningful institution for peace established in ancient China. The legal procedure to be followed for the making of an inter-Korean peace treaty may be generally found in the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969.